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Here at Weetabix Food Company we are proud of our heritage and world famous brands. Millions of households across the world enjoy our great tasting and nutritious cereals because they know that Weetabix, Alpen, Ready Brek and Weetos will help them to start their day in the right way.

Start your day the right way

Start your day the right way

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Alpen. A Perfect Blend

Healthy & Tasty. There was a time when we used to have to choose between taste and health at breakfast time.  Thankfully those days are gone because Alpen, the original Swiss style muesli, is packed with all of the finest natural ingredients – a combination of rolled oats, wheatflakes, juicy raisins and crunchy nuts.

Alpen, Healthy & Tasty!

Alpen, Healthy & Tasty!

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Our Brands

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Weetabix and our flavour range to fuel your day.

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Weetabix Minis

Chocolate Chip and Fruit and Nut Minis Weetabix that stays crunchy in milk!

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Oatibix and Oatibix Flakes for Oat goodness to start your day.

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The original Swiss Muesli for breakfast at its peak.

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Alpen Bars

Perfect for a mid-morning snack, packed with Alpen ingredients.

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Alpen Light Bars

Delicious 70 calorie bars for a tasty treat when you are watching your diet.

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Our chocolatey O’s for breakfast and beyond.

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